About Tuyet

Tuyet Tran, aka TrulyTuyet, dabbles in various artistic areas. namely writing, drawing, painting, dance, and music.


She began drawing Powerpuff Girls and Pokemon characters as early as 7-years-old and was heavily influenced by the manga and anime she consumed as a child. 

She remembers her teachers complimenting and encouraging her to draw. 

However, at home, she was confused to hear her parents tell her not to pursue a career as an artist. 


"Drawing and art making should not be a hobby. You won't be able to make money as an artist. Look at your father. Study to become a doctor instead," her mother told her.


Tuyet did what she thought was right, listening to her mother and focusing her high school and college studying math and science in preparation to become a doctor.

However, as she expanded her studies at UC Davis in the area of Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior, interning at hospitals, and working in research, she felt an overwhelming pull towards the arts. 


"I'll just take some art classes on the side," Tuyet thought to herself.

Ans so she took a few art classes in college as well as education classes she was drawn to. She soon realized how enjoyable it was teaching and mentoring children in becoming the best versions of themselves.


In 2013, having graduated as a science major, Tuyet turned her attention to education, teaching and tutoring science, math, and later art during after-school programs with K-12 students.

Enjoying her work with students, she felt, again, a call to create, to draw.


That was when Tuyet met a friend who invited her to share a table with her at a convention and sell Tuyet's artwork with her.


Now, if you've known Tuyet for a long time, you would know that she had always dreamed of having an artist alley table at a convention since she attended Fanime as a 9th grader. 

Given this unique opportunity to sell with her friend, Tuyet hesitated for 2 months as she felt very under-prepared. However, just 1 month before the convention and a little more coaxing from her friend, she jumped on the chance!


With 2 sleepless nights but a whole lot of fun, Tuyet made more money than she ever did teaching and tutoring, profiting from her work and meeting other artists who were working artists making money with their artwork.

"Ah, so it IS possible to be an artist making a living off of their artwork," Tuyet thought.

Thus, she decided to leave teaching and transitioned into working full-time selling her artwork at conventions.


After 2 years of artist alley work, Tuyet felt no longer fulfilled in her work and found herself gravitating towards more solitude and rest.

The constant travel and weekend crowds were not what she wanted long-term for her professional career.

Instead, she felt a compelled to reach more people, not through monthly in-person conventions, but by using the power of the Internet. 

Thus, Tuyet turned her attention to creating an online space where she may interact with many more.

She stumbled here and there, looking to find how she may fit into this vast online inter-space.

And after several attempts, she has created TrulyTuyet.com,which can be seen as an extension of who Tuyet really is.


Tuyet has many more stories to share, which can be seen and experience through her creative work. 

You may find many of them posted here on this site and her associated social media accounts.


Tuyet is also dedicated to supporting other creators in their discovery, creativity, and love for themselves on her second website, ConsciousCreationing.com.


Thank you for being here and please enjoy your stay!

<3 Tuyet